Jenny in Thailand Day 3


Hello my a few audiences,

I was thinking when should I start writing the Day 3 trip? And here it came. This post will be about the Day 3 in Thailand of Jenny’s vacation in December 2015. It’s been totally more than 6 months since she went to Thailand. It took me for a while to build and have a good mood of writing the day 3. I was first lazy, second busy, third picky on pictures (which one to show on this post) and I needed some professional edits (I don’t have this skill at all, so skip this part. It’s the hardest part!!!). Ok. Let’s get started from here.

Day 3 Bangkok-Rattanakosin Island (Grand Palace, the Emerald Buddha, the Reclining Buddha (Sleeping Buddha), the Golden Temple, and Ratchadumnern Rd.)

Thailand is well-known about its heat and humid, so the Day 3 was very sticky and easily to get pissed off. I mean I become so moody when it’s so burning outside.

We started the day by taking BTS Bangkok Sky Train to the last stop on Silom line at Taksin stop. This stop is a hub where it connects sky train and water transportation (Chaopraya River boat) together. I wanted Jen to experience and see the life of people on the river side, I decided to take her on the boat. And of course, using public transportation is cheaper and it saves a lot of time, especially in rush hour. If I happened to drive on that day? Hell no! There was no way I would commit myself to drive in a crazy traffic in Bangkok. Also, parking space availability would also drive me nut!

Eventually, we got on a boat at Taksin BTS station and got off at Tha Chang pier. We arrived at the first destination of today’s trip, the Grand Palace.

Jen was supposed to pay for the entrance fees to every place we went, but I didn’t let her spend money although she should have. Because Jenny looked Asian and definitely like Thai woman with a tanned skin ,we didn’t have any problem of passing the entrance as a Thai citizen. Here is the trick I did to her, so we could pass the Thai citizen entrance easily. When we approached the entrance, I started talking in Thai to her. I told Jenn before we reached the entrance that whatever I said in Thai, all she needed to do was taking a plastic bag from my hand. When we were at the line to get in, I then said it in Thai asking her to hold the plastic bag for me. The gate-keeper even noticed us, so we got inside safe and sound lol. After we got inside, as usual, million of Chinese and a decent amount of European tourists packed in one square place.

The Grand Palace and the Emerald Buddha Temple are located in the same area  or I will say it’s next to each other. There is a path you follow and it links you from one place to another. You will see the temple first then the palace.

So now here we are!!! Thai Buddhism Temple!!!!

An overview when we arrived in the Grand Palace and the Emerald Buddha temple

Jenny and golden pagoda…We finally made it inside! Yes!!!

A scenario around the Emerald Buddha Temple

Please don’t ask me about the name of each building specifically. I honestly don’t know. How terrible I am!

Trying to get fewer people and the whole triangle things in the frame. Boom!!! got it!

For me, the Emerald Buddha Temple and the Grand Palace are two tourist attractions I have been visiting most.

Giants are carrying golden pagoda. This pagoda is assumed to be heavy, so it requires many giants to help out. I hope my statement is true. You’re welcome to google for more info. lol.

This is one of the Grand Palace sections.

I forgot to say that my university, Thammasat University, is located in Rattanakosin area and close to most of many main  Bangkok tourist attractions. It’s located just right in the heart of Bangkok and please let me show off.  My university is one of the well-known and best top 3 universities of Thailand. Hahahaha. Although I don’t know if this still holds on true, I’m sure more than 90% of high school students want to get in my university. My university is like Cornell or Princeton or something like that. Like your family will be so proud of you if you get accepted. But my case, I got in because of luck. I prayed and make a wish everyday that I would pass the exam and got into an interview section. Also, yes, I studied very hard! I said I was lucky cuz the year I applied didn’t have that many students interested in this particular major. I think because applying to this specific major, you really have to choose from the beginning that you will only focus on this major. It’s not like the US that you can decide later what you want to do and pick, re-pick, and do double majors along your 4 years in college. Anyway, back then my major, Southeast Asian studies, was not popular. Now it is popular, putting more concerns to this subject generally. As the countries in Southeast Asia unite, it’s important to have more scholars in this field. They need to produce more scholars really. Well, I don’t know an exactly number but I guess maybe 3,000 to 5,000 students applied and 60 students got selected. The chance of getting accepted was high compare to other majors. And it was 6 hours written exam. It means I could write whatever I had in my head instead of making a  guess on multiple choices. I was lucky that I didn’t have to fight with another hundred of thousand students. Yeahhhh!!!! Hahahaha.

My 4 years in college made me sorta know the area very well and I know what to see and where to eat. So, after we finished from the Grand Palace and the Emerald Buddha Temple, I took Jen to one of my favorite restaurants where I normally ate when I was in college. The name of this local restaurant is “Nong Nut”. The good thing of this place is it has AC! That’s the point!

This was my entree. It is actually my all time favorite plate called “Rad Na Moo Sab Torrd”. It’s a fried wide rice noodles with a saucy minced pork. If you look on the top right corner, it is Thai glass noodles rolls or “Por Pia” with sweet and chilli dip.

This is Jenny’s order. She had a typical Thai fried rice with deep-fried chicken side with sweet and chilli sauce. If you can tell though, Thai people normally have this sweet and chilli sauce as a dip on side. In Thai we call it “Nam Jim Kai” means chicken dip.

Of course, after we ate, we continued the trip. We were too lazy to walk, in which, we should have to, so our food could digest. Too bad the weather was extremely hot and humid, we decided to take “Tuk Tuk”. It’s one of Bangkok signature transportation. Easy to get around with cuz the size of the vehicle is smaller than a car. Even you’re stuck in traffic, there will be some room that this Tuk Tuk can pass through. Every tourist must try Thai Tuk Tuk although in Lao, Cambodia, and Myanmar have these Tuk Tuk kinda thing but I’m sure Bangkok Tuk Tuk will give you a different experience.

Jenny was on her first Bangkok Tuk Tuk ride and in her hand she got a Blended Thai iced tea from TU Bookstore Cafe (TU = Thammasat University). She confirmed it was the best Thai iced tea she has ever had. I’m glad!!!! 🙂

On our way to temples!!! If you are curios what it says on the back of his shirt, it says “We are people of the King”. That sounds like a direct translation. Wearing this shirt shows that you prove yourself that you love the King of Thailand. If you are looking at Thai history or the story about Thai kings, you will see there are millions of sacrifices they have done to this country and to us. King Rama IX is a present King and he loves and being loved by his people. And if you happen to walk on the street and ask Thai people whether or not they love the King, 99% of them will say “Yes!!!” I guarantee you.

Now, we were moving to another temple called “Reclining Buddha or Wat Pho”. Wat means temple, so when you see something that has “wat” as part of  the name, you can firstly make a guess that it has something related with temple.

Jenny with the world biggest reclining Buddha. This is another “Must see” thing in Bangkok.

Wat Pho is huge. To be honest, I never walked around the temple. I mean I never explored the whole place yet. Same as this time, we didn’t walk that much. And again, damn hot weather, Thailand! We resisted to stay out in the sun that long.

This man! I didn’t know him but I feel like he was looking at my camera. At least he made this picture to be something, you know. LOL

I don’t know what this thing called. My guess is they call it “stupa”. For the actual purpose is to keep ashes after we burn down dead people inside stupa. I have to say my family is Chinese, both my mom and my dad sides. You don’t assume me to know this kinda thing, do you? I’m a Buddhist, a great Buddhist but …. the literature about purpose of having this stupa thing probably shows in one of history or Thai culture books somewhere. I’m not in to it. Sorry. I liked it. It’s pretty. I loved the colors.

Getting to the sunset.


I had Jen took picture with this man because I liked him very much. From Wat Pho, we were looking for a Tuk Tuk to take us to another temple. None of the drivers wanted to take us. First of all, I bargained the price so well cause I knew how much it actually gonna cost me. Those Tuk Tuk drivers intentionally looked for foreigners because they could charge them at the maximum and unreasonable price. “A-aa” that’s not gonna happen with me. But this guy, he was super super nice. He talked nicely and he didn’t charge us high price at all. I mean he charged us at a reasonable price. So this is like a recognition of him, working with hospitality mindset. Not taking advantage from customers. Bravo!!!!

Now we arrived at another temple. “Golden Mount Temple”. For me this temple is good for evening visit because you can enjoy the evening atmosphere from the top floor of this temple. Foremost, we can enjoy the sunset from there and of course it’s cooler than the afternoon. A cool wind blows touching your face and a nice view looking top down angle is a spectacular and remarkable moment.

One shot before we had to walk, how many steps?, to the top. I don’t know I didn’t count.

If you see a monk with an umbrella it refers that he is a monk on pilgrimage. In other words, he doesn’t stay in temple, besides he resides in a jungle or forest. Buddhism is a little complicated. There are reasons of staying in the jungle with regard to obligations, though, I will skip that part lol.

Walking up, Jenny!!!

When we were almost there! She needed a hand fan lol. It’s super hot still. While I’m writing this, I can imagine the heat in Thailand. God, it’s really hot. Hot and humid. Boy! it’s not fun.

Couple more steps! Keep fighting!!! and the sunset was so beautiful.

This is what I normally do when I go to temple. It’s called Stick fortune-teller. There are sticks in that tall wood bucket. First you have to pray and make a wish that one of these sticks will tell you a good fortune. Then, you start to hold this red tall bucket in your two hands. Slowly and softly shake it to make sure that you will ONLY get on stick fall down from that red thing. This time I got number two. When you see the number, you will put the stick back into its place. Then, you will go to look for a note that talks about the number you get. Can’t say it’s always a good luck and can’t say it is going to be your future but it’s fun to do.

Walking down…Looking to that side is Bangkok city.

After we reached the ground again, we walked along Ratchadamnern Rd. The temple you see over here is Wat Ratcha Nadda. This temple is the one and only  temple of the world that has a metallic castle built as a temple’s symbol .

That are not all the pictures I have chosen to show. I have more but I think that’s enough to tell Jen’s 3rd day in Bangkok.

I will keep our trip in Cambodia posted very soon. I hope for not getting lazy.

With Love YOU,







Jenny in Thailand : Day 2

“The second day in Thailand for Jenny”

I planned to take Jenny to one of the most magnificent Chinese temples around Bangkok, “Leng-Noei-Yee” before we headed to Ampawa Floating Market. When she first saw the temple she said this place is huge. Though there are many Chinese temples in the Philippines but they are not as big as this one and not as gorgeous like this one. We spent about an hour here exploring the temples.

Side note : You can wear your new expensive shoes to this temple. Though you have to take them off before entering the temple but this temple prepares bag for you to carry your shoes around. Very nice I liked it because I just got my newbie Nike Shoes from the US, delivered by Jen. So I didn’t have to worry about losing my new shoes.

“Leng-Noei-Yee Temple”

IMG_5789 (1)




Light the candle for brightening the life with this faithful light.


Moreover, the candle brings luck to your life.

IMG_5791 (2)

Even you are Catholic, you can still light the candle. At least Jen did it.

IMG_5797 (6)

Pray and make a wish with 3 joss sticks

IMG_5799 (7)

IMG_5796 (5)

IMG_5794 (3)

IMG_5795 (4)

IMG_5813 (19)

Candid picture of me behind the scene lol

IMG_5814 (20)

I thought my sitting pose looked ugly enough but when I saw the man with the blue shirt behind me, I paid my attention at him suddenly.

“Nativity of Our Lady Cathedral”

After we finished the Chinese temple, we directly drove to Ampawa district. Here we were still with religious related place, Nativity of Our Lady Cathedral. I meant to take Jen to this church because I didn’t want her to get sick of Thai temples. There were so many Thai temples on the list I planned to take Jen to. I should please her with a little something that calls her excitement.

IMG_5800 (8)

Nativity of Our Lady Cathedral

“Hia Kied Khao Heang Kai”

Just a few minute away from this church, I found a famous local food restaurant located in one of the floating markets, Bangkhontee Floating Market from Food application. To get to this place, it requires high driving skill hahaha. I didn’t get lost, honestly. I just didn’t know how to get there exactly. Although I used google map, but I still messed up with direction. This is me when I drive. I know where I need to go. I just never make it at the first time.

IMG_5811 (17)

This soup supposed to come with rice, but when we made it there they almost sold out everything. So I only had this soup with meat. The soup was very rich and favored. I think the chef had stocked this soup over night so it made this soup very tasty.

IMG_5802 (10)

Bangkhontee Floating Market is very small but it fills with good foods and smiling people.

“Ampawa Floating Market”

Ampawa is always and always fulled with Thai tourists and foreigners. You can’t get away from warm weather and sweating body when you decide to come here. It’s a place where you should stroll around and look for your all time favorite Thai foods and snacks. They are (not really) famous for seafood but that is the reason why many people come here for. To eat seafood somehow.

IMG_5803 (11)

Flee Away from the crowd and take some good pictures

IMG_5805 (13)

IMG_5807 (15)

Jen was always with her phone. Got this candid.

IMG_5801 (9)

Grilled river prawns with spicy seafood dip.

IMG_5804 (12)

Grilled squids.

Boat ride to see firefly at Ampawa is one thing you should do when you come here. I have been on this boat ride couple times. I usually thought that the firefly we saw were small green light bulbs blink. But when I went there with Jen this time, perhaps I was wrong. Perhaps those fireflies were real. They were alive. In the first place, I thought they were extinct but no they weren’t. I was impressed.

IMG_5808 (16)

On the boat to see firefly. Jen doesn’t know how to swim. Opppss


Ready. Set. GOOOOO!!!

“Yaowarat or China Town”

It had been a long day. I just wanna have something sweet to boot up my energy. I then took Jen to China Town in Bangkok. A long day should end with something sweet, fresh, and cold right? LOL

IMG_5812 (18)

My all time favorite milky dessert. This one has steamed chestnut, steamed lotus seeds, and steamed lotus root. Then, they put syrup and fresh milk on top and again over with crunchy ice.

That’s it for Jenny’s second day survived in Thailand.

With Love YOU



Jenny in Thailand : DAY 1 Ayutthaya

Jenny is my Filipino roommate who goes to Miami University like I do. Since Jenny has to go back to the Philippines to renew her US visa and I’m in Thailand this semester for some required course works and data collection, she wanted to add Thailand and Cambodia on her trip. She finally came to visit me in Thailand then we did a short trip in Cambodia together.

Actually, we didn’t have plenty of time in Thailand, neither in Cambodia. But I think we have visited many good places and eaten amazing food.

Day 1: Ayutthaya, Thailand

I have to admit that I didn’t have a concrete plan of where to go. I have been to Ayutthaya couple times with my friends and school but not that I know everything about Ayutthaya. After Jenny took Airport Link, a metro from BKK airport to the city, I picked her up from the last stop and we drove directly to Ayutthaya.

Ayutthaya throughout my “Len”

Start with these pork balls. If you compare with the one behind, you will see that the two pork ball sticks in front are huge!


Giant Pork Balls


First place we stopped was the elephant farm.


Then, here.




Jenny and her natural pose lol



I saw her was walking up


So I followed her


View from the top


Face up for good luck


Ayutthaya checked-in


Thailand is super hot






Saying “Thank you” or “Khob Khon” by Coke




We need a break


My Thai Iced Tea refreshment


Just in a few second and it’s gone


Jen’s dinner

Day 1: Mission completed!

With Love YOU!


when i’m back!

Dear people who may happen to have this blog accidentally popped up on your explorer page or you may accidentally click the link,

I know that I don’t have that many followers (or nearly non-follower) and no one really pays attention to what I have written. Only this blog is created to be another channel of reaching me last summer in Chicago, 2015. Because I had a mandatory practicum to finish and write feedback/experience I learned daily, writing a blog was best for me at that time to write and share my blast summer.

I just wanted to stop by this time, making my blog waken.

Til I have something jumps in my head, I will come back and write again.

Life is boring when you have no goal, when you don’t know what you like, and when you lack of just a person to support you. Find all these 3 I mentioned so you will see that life is so fascinated.

With Love YOU,



You can come back anytime. It’s not your last day here

“You can come back anytime. It’s not your last day here” (Ovidio Salgado)

Before I start the page today, I want my lovely readers to play the music below and read along what I am going to say. Don’t turn the volume too loud so it won’t disturb your reading 🙂 🙂

  • I picked this song because Vivian (Vy) likes this song so much. She always sings this song for karaoke. After I heard she sang this song at the first time, I can’t get rid of the rhythm.

AUGUST 7th The Official Last Day Working with Mather Lifeways

I believe that there is a mysterious power behind every step I move.

This power has brought me to meet with people beyond my expectation.

This power is enormous and it exceeds the limitation.

It creates powerful components of my life.



Escape the Dog Days of Summer

August 7th MOREWays Luncheon theme of this month.

I told myself not to cry and be cheerful throughout the day.

I started my morning as usual and headed to Morton Grove on a routine commute.

I arrived a bit earlier than other days but cannot call I arrived in an early morning.

On the other hand, Ovie was there since 6.30am. which it’s my wake up time to work basically. So, I can’t call I arrived early then (?)

When I got there everything almost setup only my part that was missing.

I just needed to do some table decorations and hang some flowers blinders at the entrance.

As the theme was for summer, everything was decorated colorfully with pink, green, blue, orange, and so on. Finally, it’s summer of the year!

The luncheon went well, everyone enjoyed the food and the live entertainment very much. I did too 😛

We didn’t have a lot to do after the luncheon was over. Only the cleaning part which is an easy job and we did it fast.

I tried to finished my work on Vista system as much as possible because I didn’t want Ovie to work on it too much when I’m away. I know how “Goof” he is when I’m not around.

While I was working on Vista, Kate stopped at the door and gave me Mather’s memorable gifts. All in orange 🙂 I will bring them and they will be used as a part of my practicum presentation 🙂

How can I forget the memory with Mather Lifeways? Forget Ovie? Forget Kate? Forget Vy? I might. If I have dementia in next couple months.

This summer will be an unforgettable one of my life. The people I worked with, the job I did, and fellowship among us were remarkable.

Now 4.00pm. and I gotta say goodbye to this place.

Ovie and I were walking to the door and I said

“Ohh no. Today is my last day seriously? My last day of being here?”

I looked sad and I was sad too. I felt like I didn’t wanna leave the place.

I wish I could stop the watch and stay in that moment as long as possible.

I hate the moment of leaving apart and saying goodbye.

It feels like I’m gonna lose something in my life.

Ovie then said

“You can come back anytime. It’s not your last day here”

I was ok after I heard him said. I walked but my heart beat slow and I stopped breathing.

I looked around. I said to Ovie

“Alright. Bye. See you”

Then he started to give me a small hug and he was saying something nice to me (I guess).

I couldn’t hear it well cause my mind was thinking about something else.

My tear drop little by little from eyes to cheeks then to my chin.

I couldn’t help with the crying. I tried but it failed.

Ok. I gotta walk away from this place. No more tear no more crying.

Then I turned and I cried harder this time.

Ovie saw it and he said “Come here”

He gave me another big hug and his oldie emotional speech.

I tried to stop but his words kept bumping tear out from my eyes.

We eventually split up. I walked to the bus stop with tear on my cheeks.

I got on the bus. I stopped crying but then when I looked back at the moment,

this tear came back on my face again T-T

Last day was rough because of the goodbye.

Goodbye alligator. Goodbye.

NOOOOOO it’s “see you later not goodbye”

I don't feel like putting food pic but this character reminds me of Ovie :)

I don’t feel like putting food pic but this character reminds me of Ovie 🙂

With love YOU


my Miami access has been compromised


This message meant to carry my voice to my Gerontology friends and professors. I wanted to say that last week I accidentally clicked on a link where it led a hacker accessed to my Miami email and sent out spam to people who are on my contact list. I think many of you have received my spam email. I’m truly apologize about my careless on email. SAD SAD SAD. I was mad too. I actually didn’t realize that my email and my Miami account was hacked until my boss, Kate shouted out from her room said “Ship! I think your email got hacked”. I ran directly to her desk and asked if the email looked like. Apparently, she received an email which the subject said “I need some info” and the sender is Johannes Hendrick BUT when you look closer it was my Miami email address.

Well, before Kate told me that my email got hacked, I did check my personal email this morning. I also got the exact same message from this hacker. Detail on the email contained exact same with the one Kate received. When I got at Civic Center this morning, I told Ovie I received an awkward email from a mysterious sender. Ovie told me to delete it and it’s a spam email. He didn’t say my email got hacked. Here is the detail in the email this person wrote


Your last name strikes me like someone i may be looking for, do you have any connection with Miami University ?, I am asking because i believe i may have found your contact information while doing some research on the institution, i am looking for a University in the United States to pursue my doctorate degree program in 2016.

However, the main reason i contacted you is because i am looking for a relative of my late customer, who died on the 14 of July 2011 from an injury he sustained from the Tohuku-Japan earthquake ?, did you lose any relative to that earth quake ?, I will appreciate if you will make out time to respond to this email, because there is something i need to discuss with you, and it is very important.

Thank you
Johannes Hendrick”

So, please watch out people. I don’t know if these people are a professional hacker or just a kid playing around a program. But personal information and credit card number are important to only keep it with you. I’m so sick of the technology. The more advance technology we move to, the more insecure life is.

The End! ——————————————————————————————————-

I actually have a topic to post on niikha but because I can’t access to my Miami, I can’t do anything right now. I talked to IT support specialist and he said it will take about 7 business day to reset my account and password. So it means that these 7 days I will not make any move on niikha but I don’t want to lose my communication with you. I think in this way will help me keep in touch with everyone.

My topic that I was about to post on niikha is

How do you feel about your last week working?

“This week is my last week working with Mather’s. I’m so excited to go back to Thailand but I’m sad that I have to leave all the nice people here. I have had a very good time with them. I have learned a lot what people out here are doing for the older adult population.
Time flies and I can’t believe it’s the last week of my practicum. I hope that I will have a chance to see people I have worked with again when I return to the states next year. Definitely, I will come back and visit them. I feel like they are more than colleagues but they are my working family and we are a team! People here are so nice to me and I can’t imagine leaving them. But life needs to keep going and one day the destiny will bring us to see each other again I believe.
I hope that my gerontology friends have had a great time with their practicum too. Although, it was a short time learning but time duration doesn’t limit knowledge and experience we have earned during past 10-12 weeks.”
What food I brought up today?
It’s homemade waffle Ovie bought me last weekend at the Morton Grove Farmers’ Market. We had a booth last weekend to out reach people still.
Simple but delicious I'm telling you! Oh my god the whipped cream was thick and rich and you can taste the fat of it. I loved it!

Simple but delicious I’m telling you! Oh my god the whipped cream was thick and rich and you can taste the fat of it. I loved it!

With love YOU

I’m not going any where

Hi my long lost readers,

As I said on my subject topic “I’m not going any where”. I know I have disappeared from my blog for quite awhile. It’s because my mom and my family were here visited me in Chicago (and they did a road trip along east coast. I wasn’t on trip with them. SAD). Anyway, I was way too excited to get any post published and I forgot about my blog so I just left it like what you can see from the very last post. Also, traveling from home to work very early in the morning and traveling back from work to home is really exhausted. It consumes my energy from top head to the last inch of my toe. Although, the transportation from home to work and back home is a pain in my butt but it doesn’t make any single day of making me don’t want to go to work at Mather’s. I don’t have any day that I wake up in the morning and have a thought of taking a day off. I still enjoy going to work and meet the same old same old people I’m happy to be with like Ovie, Kate, and Vy. Again I love to see and talk to my  older friends who come to the Civic Center.

I have this post published just to let my readers know that I will come back and write about my summer journey soon. Just right now I’m working my butt off for my CI and proposal and IRB. I need to get it done as soon as possible.

By the way, last week I went back to Oxford to meet with Dr.Kinney. We talked a lot about my proposal and CI. I just feel like I got the right person to help me out with this study. I wanna thank Kate who suggested Dr.Kinney to me. Thank you, Kate.

I had an appointment with Dr.Kinney on Saturday morning at 9am. and I thought I would spend maximum of just an hour talking to her. But nope, we spent totally 2 hours talking about the CI. She gave me a lot of good advice and suggestions. Thank you, Dr.Kinney.

At the end of this post as it’s become to be my traditional practice, I at least post a picture of food. Here is a picture of Banana Foster ice cream with sugar cone. I got this ice cream from a new ice cream place opened this summer in Uptown. The place is huge and they have many tables for you to sit inside. Cool your feet after a long walk from Upham to Uptown with this new place. Though, for me the ice cream is kinda pricey if compare to Spring Street treat but it’s worth to try something new.

New place in Uptown. Don't forget to check it out. They have a bunch of favors you should try like mango, banana foster, and so on. I think because I'm  crazy about mango and banana so I can't help to give them both a try. Try it out people.

New place in Uptown. Don’t forget to check it out. They have bunch of favors you should try like mango, banana foster, and so on. I think because I’m crazy about mango and banana so I can’t help to give them both a try. Try it out people. It’s called “Graeter” a nice ice cream place.

With love YOU